Who are we?

We’ve birthed a community that supports growth, through dance.


Drip Studio is a dance studio in Canggu, Bali, offering a variety of dance styles that celebrate feminine sexuality, such as Pole, Heels, Hip-Hop, Twerk, Dancehall & Aerial.
The company’s primary motivation is to create a supportive community that helps dancers grow their talents, make friends, express themselves and be vulnerable with their femininity in a safe space.
As a physical location, Drip Studio is a highly luxurious, inspiring and comforting environment that is designed to excite creativity and motivate greatness for all the dancers who attend. It is also intended to be a location where like-minded women can feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone and pursue their ideals alongside all the new friends they create.

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Why we do it?


We live to celebrate, validate and encourage women.


Seeking the progress of dance and community, Drip Studio values expression, empowerment, creativity and beauty in all its forms.

They hope to communicate to their customers and online audience that feminine sexuality should be celebrated, and the journey of growing as a dancer can be empowering and allow oneself to become vulnerable and confident.

The company wishes to normalise and validate aspects of femininity that may be frowned upon in today’s society. This is a primary motivation that inspires Drip Studio to create a beautiful location and an online audience where anything goes, where women can feel comfortable being their most authentic selves, hoping to make a catalyst that leads to self-love and growth.