Pole Flow

Creating movement and flow around the pole bringing your own sass and style. Bryony will teach the basics from body rolls and spins to more technical step by step movement to make a sequence flow around the pole. Kneepads and socks required.

Pole Fit

A strength and conditioning class using the Pole; improve your Core, Glutes and Upper body strength while feeling like a goddess.

Sensual Floorwork

This class is all about the DRIP. You’ll learn how to move from one sensual pose to the next, feeling yourself and thriving in confidence. Kneepads and socks required.

Pole Tricks with Bryony

Fun and challenging; learn the techniques and build strength for Pole tricks; including
climbing, sitting, inversions and all the badass upside down poses.

Pole Tricks with Preeti

In this class, we will focus on the acrobatic and sporty side of pole working on
showcasing your agility and athleticism. The class will start with basic warm up and conditioning exercises before
moving on to spins, elements/static tricks and basic inverts. These 75 minutes will ensure you get your body
moving all whilst having fun.

Exotic Pole

75 minutes of pure power, grace and strength. This class will be full of hair flicks, body rolls, sensual floorwork, exotic tricks on the pole and leg extensions all performed in high heels. You will learn how to gel all these elements in a choreographed pole routine that could be either two exotic styles – hardstyle or sensual flow.
We will break down the choreo step by step and you’ll see yourself flowing through the choreo by the end of class and leaving the studio super energized.


This female empowering dance goes way back in history. Most of the style arises from mapouka, which is a dance from the Ivory Coast, performed to celebrate life and the joy of living. In this class we will do the same thing, while also finding our self love and fire.

Reggaeton Fusion

This class will be a mix of different reggaeton styles but also influenced by dancehall and afro. The dembow rythm blasting in the speakers will definitely make you wanna move. This class is all about enjoying dancing as much as enjoying to build confidence.

Dancehall Queenstyle

A female dance style originated from Jamaica. We’re focusing a lot on the technique called wine, which means we’re moving our hips and having tons of fun! This class will make you feel fierce and powerful.

Afro/Dancehall/Afro Fusion

Afro/Dancehall/Afro Fusion is a vibrant and dynamic dance style that combines the best of African and Jamaican influences. It is a feast for the senses and a celebration of rhythm, movement, and joy. This dance style is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, background, or experience level.

Hip Hop Ladies Style

A hip hop ladies style class is a dance class specifically designed for women who want to learn the latest hip hop dance moves and techniques. The class usually starts with a warm-up to get the body ready for the high-energy dance routines that follow. Keeping the feminine, sassy, and powerful side to hip hop.


A heels class is a dance class where women learn to move gracefully and confidently in high heels. The class is
focused on building strength, control, and body alignment to perform advanced dance moves in various styles. Women are
encouraged to embrace their sensuality, femininity, and individual style while dancing in heels.